New arrivals cause commotion

The arrival of my new materials recently – 12 half bundles of beautiful graded willow rods (4 and 5 foot Green Dicks, 4,5,7 and 8 foot Black Maul) – has caused quite a stir in the shed. For lack of a good spot, they ended up leaning against one of the doors, with the door locked to avoid someone  knocking the whole lot by entering. SDC16449The shed is divided in 3 parts. Behind the first door is the turf-supply, just brought in for the winter. The space behind theSDC16435 two other doors is divided in two by a low wall. I use it for basket making, my friends have used it as a smoke-room. It is supposed to be a workshop and storage for gardening + DIY-tools, but ended up cluttered by you-name-it and what-ever-u-fancy.To find a tool you had to dig your way through paint-cans, cushions, old chairs, bicycles and a lawnmower. High time for a change: I decided to end the confusion once and for all: on one side of the low wall will be all the tools, paint and other DIY stuff, available for ‘the public‘ to use. On the other side of the wall will be my willow studio, needless to say with ‘restricted access‘!!! I worked like a mad-woman and after 3 days the tools are in the right place and so is the willow. Still more clearing to do, mainly hanging more shelves on the walls. The hardest part was to figure out where everything could go, making the most of the space. Today I finally figured where the steamer for the willow can go, without losing the space needed for storing this years’ supply of home-grown willow! The willow will be raised off the floor, on a wide shelf, with a railing to keep it in place. Well, it makes sense to me! Will show ye the photos when its ready.SDC16452 SDC16448

Meanwhile I started working with the new supply of willow and its a treat! Had to use what I had soaked, before going off to Spain for a few days…….The Witch is going South and not just to escape the despicable Irish weather. Weaving by the Sea is where I will be. A basket-making course beside the beach, what could be better? Learning new techniques, getting a tan and enjoying the scenery. Magic or what?  I am on my broomstick tomorrow, expect sunny photos in my next blog! Mo.

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