May, time of new beginnings.

Well Folks, in my previous post  17 for 2017 I announced a ‘life-changing event’ and indicated I would write more about this around the end of February. So much for good intentions. On the other hand, life-changing stuff may take a little longer to materialize!
18425317_1519628678059926_5100811551633772626_nBut finally I have all my ducks in a row, so to speak, and am happy to announce my new status of ‘Lady of Leisure’. It took quite a while: an ‘early retirement’ option from my job was offered last November and only a few applicants would get it. My fingers (and toes) have been crossed for 4 months until I found out mid-February that I was one of the Lucky Few. But still no clue as to when my new life would start, that news only came end of March. I knew then I would be a ‘free woman’ by Mayday! Good things happen in May, as you can read in previous posts.

I feel that I need to explain a little why I chose to take this option. In the last few years my job had become more and more a burden to me, at times making me unhappy and stressed. Looking back now I also remember that I used to love my job. When I started working with people with ‘intellectual disabilities’ it was really all about supporting them to live life to the full extend of their abilities. In theory that is still the case, but in recent years regulations and the amount of paperwork required to prove the standard of quality we deliver are getting in the way of actually providing that level of support. Frontline staff are stretched to the limit as they try to keep up with the ever increasing responsibilities of their role and demanding nature of their work. As carers it is easier to advocate for the people in our care, than to stand up for ourselves. And when ‘management’ does not seem to listen or  does not understand that they need a happy, content and supported work-force in order to give the best support and happy lives to the people using the ‘services’, it becomes even harder. At this stage of my life I feel I have made my contribution, tried to improve my work-situation and possibly contributed to some improvements. But overall I had lost the energy and optimism with which I started out so many years ago. Time for others to take over…. time for me to recharge my batteries in other fields.

So what now?   Basket making, sheep herding, turf footing, vegetable growing, giving in to creative impulses and generally enjoying life, I guess!!! And plenty time now to work on that list of intentions of 17 for 2017 ! Although….in these first two weeks of my free-from-job status, I think I have been busier than I was ever before ! I have 2 Willow Workshops coming up, I am footing turf  and I am helping to organize a tea party for charity. Oh and trying to keep up with all the sowing and planting that needs to be done NOW. Meanwhile ….. trying to stay relaxed….that’s what it was all about, right?