It’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s the time of year for renewal, new beginnings and all that, so I am revamping this website…a little. It will reflect some developments of the last year or so….

In July 2018 I became part of the Tuam Farmers Market, so I now have a regular outlet for my wares as well as a place to meet people and get feedback and ideas. Then I hurt my back and was unable to make baskets for a while, so I took to knitting and a bit of crochet. Regular customers may have noticed the appearance of more and more hats, gloves and Lavender Dollies on the stall.

Lavender dolly
hats, gloves, bags

Willow takes time to prepare, while colorful yarn is instantly available whenever I get the notion to create something. That makes it very tempting!

But you, my friends and customers keep me on the straight and narrow….or in basket-making terms: on the plank, where baskets are made.

Your interest and feedback at the market or by contacting me on-line has me producing willow-creations on a regular bases and improving my skills all the time. I would like to show more of my work here on the website, so you can pre-shop or contact me about a specific article or just browse and enjoy! Mind you, I am not creating an online shopping-portal and i am not sending items in the post, because I am afraid I could not keep up with the demand! There’s only one of me! Joking aside, I believe in supporting local crafters and markets, so I am looking forward to your inquiry or meeting you at the stall, to have a chat, exchange ideas and inspiration. I will also be organising more courses, dates for spring will soon be up on the Events/Courses page!

Keep an eye out for the new and revamped pages! Wishing you a very creative 2020.