on-line, in-house and feeling connected

I seem to spend a lot of time on-line these days. Of course it’s one of the ‘side-effects’ of the present lockdown situation and i am enjoying the online festivals and broadcasts. But i really should get out more! Mind you I only mean the garden and the roads around here. Yes, the garden: I need to plant garlic and sow wintergreens before it’s too late, but the weather has been really bad lately. Just before the storms and rain, we managed to put together a flatpack metal shed, beside the polytunnel, meant for the gardening tools. It only took 3 days to figure out what the manual actually meant and to manage not to lose any of the fiddly screws and bolts, as there are no spares. Anyone who has ever tried putting together a flatpack (-anything) can imagine how bruised my brain felt after the 3 days and that I needed a day of rest to recover mentally!

More people than me seemed to waken out of hibernation lately. I had some lovely orders to work on:

A little basket for a child’s bike, based on the donkey creel, but adapted with other weaves to make it more child friendly. The straps can be linked into a handle when the basket is carried around.

The etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/MoWillowCrafts has also had a few sales and inquiries, I like that customers can communicate to get orders customized or just to give feedback. I have added more listings and will be adding more for the Christmas season. My Weavescapes were received well, the first two were scooped-up within days, which is a great boost to my confidence.

When the second lockdown hit, many crafters were again without an outlet, Some shops had to close their ‘non-essential’ section and Dunmore Country Market had to close, being a market without food. Crafters are not quitters though, neither it seems are organizers of Craft Fairs. I joined the virtual market of https://www.facebook.com/TuamChristmasCraftFair where crafts people can promote their handmade beauties on line from Nevember 9 – 27th. The outdoor market will be held on December 5th and 12th, restrictions permitting. I will just stay virtual, whatever the case. So this weekend I browsed through the Christmas stock and more recently made baskets and knitting. I took over a hundred pictures and send (some of) them off to the organizer. Hoping to sell some of my larger baskets locally, so they can be delivered or collected. After uploading pictures of smaller items to the Etsy-shop I did a Facebook search for Craft Fairs. I found several sites promoting local crafters and businesses in Ireland! Some of these have just started, but all of them seem to be growing fast. I joined New Craft Fairs Ireland, Shop in Ireland, Shop Eire and probably an American one by mistake! Shop in Ireland approved my post within the hour, the others are pending. Shares, likes and responses came in already, very encouraging. It shows the community of creatives are very supportive and I am proud to be a part of that community, virtual or otherwise! Let’s hope all this uploading, downloading and posting will pay off as well! At least the amount of time I spend on-line the last few days have been productive, but now it’s time to get outdoors, do some gardening and then do some more crafting by the fireside!

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