Courses and talks:

Courses planned for 2020 were cancelled for obvious reasons. I experimented with video, in view of doing Zoom classes but was not pleased with the results and my broadband connection is not suitable. At the moment there are some health-issues keeping me from starting up courses this year, but I hope this will be sorted by Springtime 2022. If Covid will become a distant memory and all else goes well I aim to start some Willow weaving courses around April, May 2022. Some students had great faith in me by refusing a refund of their booking-fee, so of course they are the first to be notified when plans become reality!

For other activities the same time-frame applies: talks, projects, demonstrations will be considered from April/May 2022 onwards, and I will let you all know on these pages and through my Social Media.

To get in touch: or phone 087 7559106.